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Copiapoa ID ? Empty


 Copiapoa ID ?

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Copiapoa ID ? Empty
PostSubject: Copiapoa ID ?   Copiapoa ID ? EmptyMon Jun 07, 2021 9:40 pm

Anyone know what SSP of Copiapoa this is?  I haven't managed to find a pic of anything like it so far.

On the underside I can see a few tiny roots coming from the offsets snaking down to the ground, although these would be hairlike and tenuous at best.  All the offsets are from well up the body, not emerging from the base / ground like say C. humilis.  Flowers are your standard yellow Copiapoa flowers.

Copiapoa ID ? 7

Copiapoa ID ? Pxl_2010

Plant is ~ 12 to 15 years but could be older as it was the size of my thumbnail when I got it unlabelled and its been in a small pot getting roasted ~60oC+ on some days during summer on the top shelf of my greenhouse for several years.  I now have a bigger greenhouse so its got more favorable position.  Unlike my C Cinereas', which seem to get burnt easily, its very heat and burn resistant.
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Copiapoa ID ? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Copiapoa ID ?   Copiapoa ID ? EmptyThu Oct 07, 2021 12:29 pm

Hi SlightlyHooked -- isn't this a Parodia scopa?
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Copiapoa ID ?
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