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 Echeveria seed? Or not. (photos)

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Echeveria seed? Or not. (photos) Empty
PostSubject: Echeveria seed? Or not. (photos)   Echeveria seed? Or not. (photos) EmptySun Nov 08, 2009 7:23 pm

Hi everyone,
my largest E.affinis 'Black Knight' flowered quite a while ago now - I've been hoping to collect seed from it so I've been letting it dry out. I'm not sure if it's self fertile.. I don't think I had any others flowering at the time. I haven't had any experience with collecting echeveria seeds, but I know they're microscopically small. Here's a few photos. Could anyone tell me if they are indeed echeveria seeds, or just parts of the dried flowers? They do look like seeds to me.
Echeveria seed? Or not. (photos) _B089728

Echeveria seed? Or not. (photos) _B089729
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Echeveria seed? Or not. (photos)
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