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PostSubject: Stapeliads   Stapeliads EmptyMon Aug 24, 2015 11:06 pm

I recently acquired a mix of 3 rooted Stapelia and 6 Stapeliads (mostly different Huernias), as well as a big pile of cuttings. Its winter at the moment so I'm not going to touch them at all, I've heard they are even more unforgiving than any other succulent or cacti.

Does anyone here have much experience with these strange yet beautiful plants? Im keen to look after them well but theres not a great deal of detailed information available, they seem to be unpopular for some reason.

My first question is the ideal potting mix for the Aussie climate, in particular the Perth climate. Ive read they like leaf mold but i dont know where im going to get that. Would my regular cacti recipe work with zeolite, perlite/pumice, potting mix and coarse sand, and slow release fertiliser pellets? I also have spongolite. But I read these guys like more organics and nothing about them liking mineral.... Perhaps the big bark chunks that I sift out of my cacti soil, they might like that instead for free draining organic?

Second question is about temperature and sunlight. I read they like high temperature but in the shade with some early morning light in South Africa. Is this correct for perth climate also? What are their ideal day/night temperatures for growth?

Third question is about striking roots on cuttings. What is the ideal rooting medium, and do they need rooting powder/clonex? Ive heard they can get dehydrated from these hormones, so I dont want to risk it.

Fourth and final question is about fertiliser, can I just use cactus fertiliser diluted in growing season?

Thanks guys.
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