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PostSubject: Astrophytums   Astrophytums EmptySat Jun 06, 2015 1:01 pm

Hi all,

I've got some astrophytum seedlings doing very well under lights, I have found a few variagated/albino/....(i'm not exactly sure the name they deserve) but they are absolutely beautiful I am in love with their colours. I will certianly be trying to source more seeds of similar lineage for the future!

All seedlings pictured below came from seed labelled A. Asterias "Nishiki", they are roughly 3 months old.

First up is a very bright yellow colour, quite amazing and the only one producing this amazing hue of colour.

Astrophytums Img_2010\

The second one below is showing more of a 'true' variegate form with a mixture of green/yellow bits.

Astrophytums Img_2011

Next one below is a normal version of the seedlings I am guessing, taking on the classic A. asterias look.

Astrophytums Img_2012

Next one below, is some more seedlings that are grafted on to peres instead of hylos, there is one growing very quickly with a much more orange tinge to it, it is also pupping already quite heavily. Would these be considered Monstrose?

Astrophytums Img_2013

The next photo, i am focusing on the two smaller grafts, with the pere pups coming up they are from the same seed batch, no colour to them although much hairier as well as pupping very early. the rest are loph grafts lol

Astrophytums Img_2014

The next one below is of a very good looking one, it has a very nice orange/reddish tinge to it. As well it seems the new areoles being produced are quite angular. Is this normal?

Astrophytums Img_2015

Last one below, also showing a very nice reddish/orange tinge although this one is quite hairy, with a lot of speckling a long it's body and spines. It is also showing quite angular new aereoles, as well as it is starting to pup too

Astrophytums Img_2016

Cheers all
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