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 My indoor grafts

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My indoor grafts Empty
PostSubject: My indoor grafts   My indoor grafts EmptyThu May 07, 2015 11:42 am

Hey all,

Been a bit busy but thought i'd post some pics of some grafted seedlings I have got going indoors over winter. They are under 200ws of CFL, they have turned a bit red since going under these lights from the smaller cfls, but are certainly still growing very well.

Just some L. Koehresii from Koehres seeds pic below
My indoor grafts Img_2031

An ariocarpus retusus (love watching it grow) pic below
My indoor grafts Img_2032

Some astrophytum Nishiki pic below
My indoor grafts Img_2033

Probably most exciting for me some Astrophyum Caput Medusa, expensive seed got 3/3 germinated and grafted lol pic below
My indoor grafts Img_2034

Here is something a bit Funky, i have two loph seedlings already pushing out pups i'm amazed.

One is from my own open pollinated loph seeds, mind you I do not have a flowering Caes specimen pic below
My indoor grafts Img_2035

and this one from loph var. caes seed from Koehres. pic below
My indoor grafts Img_2036

Most of these grafts are 1 - 2 months old btw

Sorry for the terrible pics, best I can do with my phone lol

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My indoor grafts
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