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 Brunãozinho's seeds for swaping

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Brunãozinho's seeds for swaping Empty
PostSubject: Brunãozinho's seeds for swaping   Brunãozinho's seeds for swaping EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 1:49 am

Here's my list, seeds can be swaped with people from any country.

Cleistocactus strausii

Cereus jamacaru (habitat data)
Cereus fernambucencis (habitat data)

Echinopsis "lua" (a hybrid similar to E. subdenudata, see the picture I took of the motherplants here: download/file.php?id=30723 )
Echinopsis subdenudata

Echinocactus grusonii

Ferocactus herrerae 1 (with short spines)
Ferocactus herrerae 2 (with longer spines)
Ferocactus latispinus

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii (?) (not sure about the species, but has white flower)

Harrisia adscendens (habitat data)

Mammillaria polythele var. inermis
Mammillaria polythele
Mammillaria polythele var. durispina
Mammillaria mammillaris
Mammillaria nivosa
Mammillaria haageana
Mammillaria karwinskiana subsp. karwinskiana

Melocactus matanzanus
Melocactus ernestii (habitat data)
Melocactus zehntneri (habitat data)
Melocactus violaceus (habitat data)

Notocactus haselbergii

Opuntia stricta var. dilenii

Pilosocereus gounellei (habitat data)
Pilosocereus chrysostele (habitat data)
Pilosocereus catingicola subsp. salvadorensis (habitat data)
Pilosocereus spec. (a robust pilosocereus, 4 m high, stems with 12 cm of diameter, with habitat data)
Pilosocereus "seedmix" (seeds of mixed Pilosocereus: P.magnificus, P. glauchochrous, P.chrysostele)

Tacinga spec. (small cladodes, not many spines)
Tacinga inamoena (habitat data)
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Brunãozinho's seeds for swaping Empty
PostSubject: Re: Brunãozinho's seeds for swaping   Brunãozinho's seeds for swaping EmptySun Aug 17, 2014 9:00 pm

Hmm fantastic list. I would certainly be interested in some pilosocereus seeds. I'll have to keep some aside from my next harvest.

Sneakiest Cephalopod
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Brunãozinho's seeds for swaping
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