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 Building a Pereskiopsis army.

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Building a Pereskiopsis army. Empty
PostSubject: Building a Pereskiopsis army.   Building a Pereskiopsis army. EmptyFri Apr 04, 2014 11:19 pm

so pereskiopsis is a plant i dont like veey much!
any plant with glochids is one i tend to dislike.
not saying they arnt astheticaly pleasing or usefull. just saying i really dislike the ante in my yard while they are a part of it.

so. pereskiopsis was a plant i became interested in about 7 or so years ago. at that point i had a friend give me a cutting, he dont graft and is legendary at growing seedys... into prized specimens... pr!ck.
anyways my intent were graft specific for the peri. i recieved a rooted cutting at around 8". i immediatly cut this in half and waited. then halved the new growth on cutting and replanted the couple of shoots that apeared on the original stock. this process took around 2 mths.
around the 4to 5th mth mark i had 5or6 rooted plants ready for grafting.
then i started the process of dismal failure. i followed instructions and heralded advice and failed 100%. lol. 100% failure. at the time i was so agrevated by this and the glochid attack i was under i started throwing out, giving away and composting any and every glochid plant in my collection!
i won that battle with ease and immence satisfaction at the cost of an array of plants. yes some i wish ide kept. but i still like my glochid free collection also.
anyway i kept one single cutting of pereskiopsis. i cut this back on a regular basis and threw out the lot. just kept a small 3" cutting in a pot at anytime. the rest went bin wah asap... hate... hate!!! glochids. gone.
anyways i got side tracked for a couple of years and recently found the pot with my 3" cutting in it, in the shed at the place i used to reside 18 mths ago... still alive? sickly but kicking none the less. no water, no ferts and insignificant light levels. light not worth a mention really.
anyway the thing had grown. it was just as thick as normal, leaves had either droped or not formed at all and it just snaked for about 11"??? just a tiny new shoot with leaves protruded from the tip of what looked like last year or the year befores growth.
anyways i grabed the thing and thought about trying the peri graft once again...
about 3 weeks ago i brought it home. i cut it up! he he.
basicaly i cut the 11" shoot into 6 peices and chucked em in cheapest bunnings ready made soil and stuck em in a container so they were completly submerged to soil level in water. done all this at same time. cut, pot and soak. left em in full sun soaking for around two weeks. took em out cause i needed the container " otherwize would have kept soaking them"
today i trimmed the lot taking all but 1/2" to 1" from the previous cuttings witch have now rooted and are pumping.
the remainder of the cuttings have been potted in nine separate pots each with its own growth tip.
i now have 9 tips getting ready for beheading once rooted and they grow an inch or so. ide say 6 weeks tops and ill double the 9 to 18, then i have the initial 5 or 6 witch by that stage will have produced at very least 6 shoots for potting.
so in all ill have around 30 nicely growing peri for 3 months work.
these will be beheaded as needed but things spiral way out of control real quick with peri! and i dont like glochids!
i wont be feeding any of these cuttings. they are more water resistant and grow better in cold weather without it.

due to probs im saving post in sections as i go. sorry. but i just spent half hour writing lenths to loose it all. arghhhh!
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Building a Pereskiopsis army.
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