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 Resilient seedlings

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PostSubject: Resilient seedlings   Resilient seedlings EmptyMon Feb 03, 2014 11:48 am

I have this large, old Mamm. hahniana which produced 2 seed pods (self-fertile) this season. One seedpod was plump whilst the other didn't really seem to develop. I pulled the plump seedpod off but it seemed to have no fertile seeds in it so that was that. Today, however, I turned the pot that the Mamm was in around to check for the beginnings of any offsets and saw a little green seedling hugging the edge of the pot! Upon further inspection I found another seedling huddled real close to the base of the mother plant. I haven't watered the plant in over month and over the past few weeks we have had some extreme temperatures (still more to come) with very little rain. One seedling was very plump whilst the other was by no means shriveled. It's just amazing that these seedlings which look to be about a month old can withstand such extreme heat and still be alive and healthy. The plant has been in the full blazing sun but what has allowed the seedlings to survive is that they have been protected from direct sunlight by the main plant. It always feels good when the seedlings you are growing come from your own plants (even if you didn't realize they were growing!). Although, looking at it my other seedlings which are growing in baggies at the moment probably had worse conditions as it would have got even hotter in the baggies. Just stoked to have these little seedlings growing!
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PostSubject: Re: Resilient seedlings   Resilient seedlings EmptyMon Feb 03, 2014 5:59 pm

Yeah, I'm seeing lots of young 'uns around the base of some of my plants. Rare ones too, like Mamm pectinifera and albiflora, Epithelantha, Pelecyphora valdeziana to name a few..

Sometimes wonder if we're wasting our time with all this seed raising trouble !  Rolling Eyes 
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PostSubject: Re: Resilient seedlings   Resilient seedlings EmptyMon Feb 03, 2014 8:51 pm

I too have noticed a significant number of seedlings popping up. Some of my loph's have obviously shed a lot of seeds that I have missed. Either that or the ants have aided in spreading the seeds far and wide.

I'm particularly stoked about a single seedling from an old caespitosa, growing in the pot directly under the most mature head. I have only ever gotten 4 or 5 fruits from it and all attempts to germinate seeds have failed. Nature, it seems, always manages to find a solution.

Sneakiest Cephalopod
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PostSubject: Re: Resilient seedlings   Resilient seedlings Empty

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Resilient seedlings
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