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 Hello ACF!

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Rumple Foreskin

Rumple Foreskin

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Hello ACF! Empty
PostSubject: Hello ACF!   Hello ACF! EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 3:10 pm

Just thought I better introduce myself, as it is the most polite thing to do Smile

I have been collecting cacti for maybe 5 years now.. It all started off with one baby Lophophora Williamsii from a Sydney friend.. It didnt take long untill before I knew it I was finding room for new addition's to the garden family..

I don't have a wide range of Trichocereus but am trying to futher my knowledge and collection. I have T. Bridgesii (Eileen), T. Pachanoi (PC)(Searching for other named clones eg. Bogan, Lance ect), T. Terscheckii.. I have one or two Lophophora Williamsii and Caespitosa and again would like to further my collection of the beautiful plants!

My next ambition in the garden is going to be grafting(which scares the crap out of me because I dont want to lose what I have put so much care and attention into by stuffing up a graft), starting a collection of Lithops, Astro's, Stapelia, Pereskiopsis(which i swear are impossible to find), Coreyphantha's and those Kabuto(?) just look amazing!

I am also very interested in growing chilli's too.

Well I dont want to ramble too much as an introduction haha but that is a little taste of Rumple.
Hopefully I can learn alot from this great community and contribute in some way.
Finger's crossed I fit in!

Thank you.

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Hello ACF!
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